OOTD: Light Up the Sky [Neon Blazer]


As I promised, today I have an OOTD with a bright statement, a neon yellow blazer. With this, anyone is sure to stand out from the crowd, neon blazer are actually more versatile than you would think. You can pair them with jeans and a tee for a casual everyday look, with your business formal black&white work clothes, with some nice yellow trousers for a monochrome pantsuit, or with a nice party dress to add some colour to your LBD (Little Black Dress), white dress, pastel dress, patterned dress, dark coloured dress, or metallic dress. As you can see, this neon blazer is actually reusable for any occasion.

Today I felt like wearing my neon blazer in a casual outfit, but knowing me, plain blue jeans will not be in this OOTD. Instead, I’ve paired the blazer with a pair of faux leather pants. A casual outfit cannot go wrong with a white graphic tee. Throw on some shades, booties and bling bling and it’s all complete. Now it’s time to hop to the pictures!


Neon Yellow Blazer: Gap $29.99
White Graphic “Love Me” Tee: Urban Outfitters $19.99
Black Faux Leather Pants: Topshop $40.00
Grey Booties: ALDO (old)


Oh! This blazer also has a bit of colour blocking. There’s a tan coloured panel under the colour and in the inside of the blazer, so if you want to add colour blocking to your outfit too, just roll up your sleeves and pop that collar!


Black Chrome BIrd’s Cage Bangle: JewelMint $29.99


These have a small hidden wedge in them to give you a little lift without being too obvious


These leather pants are actually very breathable and very thin, so you won’t break a sweat in 20 degree weather


If you are getting too warm, then you can ditch that jacket!… or just leave it in your car.

That’s it for today, hope you can find your own neon blazer! Let me know what neon colour you would buy! Also, let me know if you find any cheap finds!