Reaching for Success: Midterm to Interview

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Finally I’m back from two weeks of grueling midterms. Thanks goodness I’m alive, but very sleep deprived, so I bought a product to make my dark circles disappear. I will test that product for a week and tell you what I think of it in another post. For today, I will be showing you another lovely OOTD. This one was for a very hectic day last week, where I had to write a midterm and then run to a clubs interview for a VP position. In between the two, I went to pick up my nail polishes from the post office that I reviewed in my last post. Knowing me, I still have to dress like I just stepped out of a salon/shopping mall, but these outfits are still comfy enough to run to my interview and study for my midterm. Let’s start with the midterm outfit!

Midterm wear

Although people would normally wear sweats and t-shirts everyday during exams, especially on days with midterms and finals, I love going against the trend and still wear my everyday chic outfits. This day is a splendid example, let me show you how I didn’t wear sweats and still made it comfortable.


Red Cardigan: Dynamite $10


Glasses from Tommy Hilfiger 2 years ago (They’re real! Not just frames)


Black Leather Jacket: Dynamite $40 (P.S. You can still find this on the sale rack in select Dynamite stores.)


Grey Cotton Booties: Aldo (From last year, but they have hidden wedges too. Aldo has similar ones in store)


Graphic Light-washed Jean Shorts: H&M $14.99 (Available in stores. I love the length of these shorts, they’re not too long and not too short)
Gold Belt: H&M


Black Sleeveless Blouse: Forever 21 $16.99
Black 40 den Tights: H&M ($12.99 for 2)

This outfit was perfect for the hot 25 degree weather, so I added the red cardigan as it is very sheer, lightweight and breathable and adds a pop of colour. A tights and shorts combo is good for chilling morning weather and breathable for humid midday weather, did I mention that it’s also very comfortable? If the rooms where you write your exams are very chilly like mine, just throw in a leather jacket or anorak jacket into your bag, so that you can pull it out like Mary Poppins before your exam. Glasses are also good for when your contacts/eyes feel dry during exam week(s). You can also wear this outfit during fall weather (e.g. 10 degrees), just throw on some tall boots and a heavier jacket. You can also substitute tights with thick leggings.

Wow, I look extremely tired here, must be the daily 4 hour sleeps and the daily 3 cups of coffee. Need to go on a coffee fast and some hibernation…Moving on to the interview outfit!

Interview wear

Caution: I wore this outfit for a clubs interview and not a normal office job interview, so it is a tad more casual than my normal interview wear, but we can easily change up the shows, blouse and skirt for a formal outfit. Let’s start!



Black & White Stripped Skirt: H&M $24.99


Classic Black Blazer: H&M $29.99 (This one is pretty old, but any classic, black, form-fitting blazer will do. Hehe, it has bows on the inside)
Blue Sheer Blouse: Dynamite $29.90 (It’s on sale for $18 in-stores:


Black & White Bag: SmartSet $40 (This is my new go-to professional, working-woman bag)



Black Suede Booties: Aldo $52 (I reviewed this online shopping order here:

If you wanted to turn this interview outfit into a office job interview outfit, I would replace the shoes with the shiny heels with a plain black/nude pumps. The rest of the outfit is fine if you are interviewing for a pr/journalist/designer/marketing/sales role, but for a computer programmer or engineering role, this is a little too extravagant, you can ditch the blazer and opt for a more flowy/printed skirt. For more traditional positions, like a finance/ accounting role, leave the slouchy and sheer blouses at home and wear a structure blouse instead. Slouchy may make the interviewer think you are lazy, a definite no-no (it only works for more creative positions because it’s a chance to show your unique style, but obviously not too slouchy/showy). A classic black blazer is a must have, so if you don’t have one that is form fitting and your favourite piece, you should find one ASAP.

Well that was my outfit change from midterm to interview, it wasn’t as exciting, if I just used the same pieces and added a few to transition the look. I’ll try that next time!