Summer Dreams


Photography by Jonathan Tang

Boy has it been a long time coming. Sorry again for taking forever to post again. I’ve been finishing school, going on my grad trip and starting a new life in the working world. But now I’m back and ready to blog every week, so make sure to check back every Sunday for some notes on how I keep it street style chic with a pinch of charisma and leather (my fave!).

I know you’re going to think “Why are you posting a summer OOTD? Summer is way over! Get with the program woman!” Well… (1) These pictures are too good to waste (2) I really loved the print on this skirt, so I couldn’t wait a full year to show you (3) You can totally add a few items to the OOTD to make it fall appropriate (I’ll show you these pieces at the end of this post)


First, let’s start with the skirt. I love how Topshop mixed the tones of blue with the bright orange so well in this pencil skirt. My favourite part of the skirt is actually the two black zippers at the bottom of the skirt. I mean if you really want to be scandalous these zippers aren’t decoration, you could actually pull them up, but since we’re refined ladies, it’s better to keep them zipped. As always with any short skirt, I always wear a pair of black gym shorts underneath so I don’t accidentally flash anybody and also for added warmth and comfort. (Don’t you just hate the feeling of your thighs chafing against each other? Or maybe it’s just me and my fat legs. #fatlife #whocares #mylegsmyproblem)

I paired this skirt with a black top that has zippers on the sleeves to continue the theme of zippers. Also I feel like the skirt has a lot going on already that a plain black or white top is the best option. Any basic black or white top from your closet will do.IMG_3481


Just a small necklace or pendant would look nice with the plain top or you could keep it simple and have no accessories as the colourful shoes and skirt already do the trick.

This crossbody bag is my favourite bag this year and my go-to for all events. Not only is the colour and structure very soft and feminine, but the size is perfect to hold my DSLR and roam around the city. I brought this with me on my grad trip and it did not disappoint! 

IMG_3475 IMG_3546 IMG_3406 IMG_3462


Black T-shirt with Zippers on Sleeves – Zara

Tropical Floral Print Skirt – Topshop (other loves here and here)

Bee’s Knees Necklace – Jewelmint

Narin Multi coloured Lace-up Sandals – Shoedazzle

Blue Mirrored Aviators – Smartset (similar here and here)

Mini City Office Crossbody Bag in Pewter Blue – Zara (similar here and here)

I’m so sad I couldn’t find the skirt online, but the purpose of my post is to tell you not to worry about having one loud and bright piece as long as you match it well.


If you wanted to make this OOTD more fall appropriate, I would add three items to this look:

  1. Tights/ Over the Knee socks [like these from Topshop]
  2. Switch the sandals for Chelsea boots [like these from Sam Edelman]
  3. Wool coat [like this one from Zara]

That’s it for my Summer Dreams! Don’t forget to check back next Sunday for a new StyleStickynotes post!


Leather Power

DSC_1747 copy Hey! StyleStickynotes is back from hiding! I thought I should start off my return with a quick OOTD, the classic post on StyleStickynotes. It’s summer now so it’s time to take out all them shorts and skirts. While I was in New York, I saw this cute pink leather skirt in a pile of clothes at Zara and thought “I had to buy it!” (That’s not a sign of a shopaholic, I swear). If you haven’t noticed, I love leather everything, but sometimes it can look too edgy and uninviting, but this blush pink colour is the perfect girly meets biker chic. I also added a staple chambray shirt with some stud detailing and sheer black blouse to balance the edgy with the preppy. Stockings are optional, but I added grey ones just because it was a tad breezy at night. Any shoes would look great with this outfit, but to go along with the edgy-girly vibe, I added my white split-leather (think of this material as a cross between suede and leather) combat boots. Just add any bling you like, some cool shades and a vibrant lip (a summer essential) and your OOTD is complete! DSC_1711 DSC_1720 DSC_1753 DSC_1731 DSC_1743 DSC_1749 DSC_1748 DSC_1756 DSC_1758 DSC_1778

~Product Details~

Pink A-Line Leather Skirt – Zara ($49.90 CAD: here)

Studded Chambray Shirt – Topshop (similar here & here)

Black half silk, half chiffon Blouse – Forever21 (similar here & here)

Grey Stockings – H&M

White split leather Combat Boots – Sam Edelman (similar here)

Silver Bow Ring – Vintage shop in NYC

Watch – Marc Jacobs

Silver Arrow Bracelet – C Wonder ($34 USD: here)

Chain Necklace – C Wonder (similar here)

It’s been a long six months… apparently I have started this blog over a year ago, but since I have been MIA, it feels like I just started blogging not long ago… I’m going to be blunt and say that blogging had become more of a chore than a hobby as time progressed. I kept making excuses saying that I am busy with school or that I was out and about in New York, but although these excuses are true, my conscience screams that I just lost my passion to blog. I wouldn’t say that I have totally regained my passion, but after being away, blogging seems like a part that defines me, so it is something I will eventually come back to. If you are reading this today, I thank you for your virtual support and I hope you will continue to support me as I struggle with balancing my priorities and finding myself. Let me know if you have any stories you would like to share about your struggles defining YOU. It’s great to be back! StyleStickynotes

Fall in Summer

BRRRR. It’s freezing cold here. (Freezing is equivalent to below 20 degrees.) It’s still SUMMER but between the massive rainstorms and cold breezes, days have been pretty chilly here. Chilly enough to wear a bomber jacket/canvas parka, my fave!

When I used to be fashion-less (gasp!), I always thought green would not look well with my yellow skin, but surprise Surprise, canvas green is actually one of the most complementary colours! That’s a bummer for my wallet, because that means one more item in the closet! Thank goodness for the Aritzia End of Season Sale, I invested in a green bomber jacket to keep me all nice and warm during these breezy days. Lucky for me, I found this jewel for $55 (originally $110, I know!)

Now let’s see how I styled this jacket for some warmth, but also breathable…


Bomber Jacket: $55 Aritzia
Green Sheer top: gifted from my lovely friends who bought it at Dynamite
Brown Belt: Dynamite
Leather Pants with mesh paneling: Topshop $40


Tip: A belt is a must to carve out that hip and hourglass figure!


I like braided skinny belts because I can adjust the length easily with each braid instead of the next hole.


It’s actually pretty breathable with the sheer top catching all the wind.


What can I say. I’m a penguin..


Tip: Don’t slouch or else you will unconsciously slouch more and more. Lesson learned.


Here’s the side profile, the jacket is actually pretty soft. Too bad it says “DRY CLEAN ONLY”. Sorry Aritzia, but I don’t have the money to dry clean all my clothes -.-


A trademark for all bomber jackets, the ribbed collar line.


These combat boots have seen better days. I also reviewed them here:


These leather pants are so thin, the line down the centre makes the legs seem thinner and the mesh panels give some wind to the legs. What’s there not to love?


My hip sunnies from Aldo 2 for $20.


Really you can add anything you want with this jacket, it’s super versatile. I would see a floral dress, tiered skirt, hoodie, white shorts, lookin’ good with the jacket.

When I shot the photos for this OOTD, I curled my hair after missing my beachy curly from a year ago, quelle surprise! (why are their so many surprises…) Anyways, since I missed my curls so much, I decided to camwhore T.T This was the result….


Almost the “deer in headlights”


Bright lips are a necessity for the summer.












Hair in ya face.


Woah, too much Eunice!

Bundle warm during these breezy days and share your fave jackets with me.

Until next time!


OOTD: Feeling Blue


I recently found a $15 blazer at Dynamite, since I love blazers and $15 is such a big steal… I got it D: It’s like a sailor inspired blazer with white and blue vertical stripes. I would say this blazer is not the most flattering on all body shapes as the small stripes can make one look a tad wider. Even though vertical stripes should make you look elongated and very slim, small stripes can make you look wider by the mass of stripes, while thicker stripes will definitely elongate you. Small stripes are an inch or smaller, anything larger than 1-inch stripes will be a plus if you want to look slimmer. Also, this blazer uses lighter-weight fabric than normal blazers, so you don’t have to worry about baking like a rotisserie chicken during the summer.

I just chose clothes to wear and they ended up being all blue. Maybe it’s a sign I was feeling blue that day… Well let’s begin with the OOTD.


Sailor Blazer: Dynamite $15 (originally $46.90)
Blue Lace top: Forever 21 (got it last year)
Blue Shorts: Bluenotes $15
White Sandal Wedges: ShoeDazzle $39.95 (see my ShoeDazzle post for details:


Blue Fashionista Sunglasses: Aldo (2 for $20 deal)

DSC_1044 DSC_1050 DSC_1042 DSC_1062 DSC_1061 DSC_1063


What did you think? Are you going to get your sailor on and get yourself this blazer deal? Are you feeling blue?