Style Steal: Classic Mini Tote

The other day I found a cute classic mini tote from a brand I would rarely shop at and it gave me a huge shock that I could find something so trendy, chic and timeless at a store my mother would shop at. I guess I caught the shopaholic disease because once I saw the bag online, there was no turning back. The next day I dashed out for a “lunch” break that turned out into a shopping trip. (There’s no room for hunger, when you fall in LOVE with a bag!)

It’s truly a year-round bag that I could see myself walking around town and having coffee dates with. Even my mom loved it – despite yet again another purchase, as if I haven’t spent enough at Sephora last week – so much that she was pondering of getting the black or burgundy version so that she could trade colours with me every so often!

It has a perfect gold chain for if you wanted to sling it over your shoulder and definitely makes it more timeless and luxurious to look at. I could carry my wallet, sunglasses, umbrella and mini perfume and that only filled half the bag. It’s very lightweight and can expand to accommodate even an iPad/tablet/DSLR. It may look petite, but it’s a trendy Mary Poppins-like bag!

20141115-DSC_0026 20141115-DSC_0034 20141115-DSC_0040 20141115-DSC_0048 20141115-DSC_0050


Taupe Mini Tote – Ann Taylor

Navy Peacoat – J. Crew

Striped Nautical Shorts – J. Crew

This Ann Taylor bag is currently $116.77 CDN online & $98 in store, but there is a 30% off Friends and Family sale that ends at 3AM EST, so get it soon, if you are a shopaholic like me! There is a 40% off event for US citizens as well. Since I’m a student I also found out there was a 15% off student discount for all sale and regular items as well! SUCH A STEAL! So it ended up being only $58.31 before tax and $65.89 CDN after tax for me, but truly price did not matter when I fell in love with the bag, I would probably even pay the regular price! (I don’t know why the in store price was different than the online price, but I’m not complaining.) I would say that even if you miss the sale, it’s definitely worth the $98 for such a Celine mini tote look-a-like.

The construction of the bag is PERFECTION, the handles are all one piece of leather with the body of the bag, so that the hinges/handles will never loosen and the seams will never burst.

20141115-DSC_0056 20141115-DSC_0053 20141115-DSC_0052

IF you’re wondering where the mini perfume came from, it was actually a 250 points reward from Sephora I got last week. The Tory Burch scent is actually one of my favourite new scents, so having the mini version is not only SUPER CUTE but great on-the-go, just dab and you’ll smell FABULOUS.

20141115-DSC_0059It’s been a long weekend learning the ins and outs of blogging at a weekend-long conference, so it’s time for me to get some R&R before the work week starts again tomorrow. Hopefully no more shopping “lunch” breaks.


Gradient Lip Tutorial

DSC_0319 - Cover photo

Air kisses! Today we will learn how to do the gradient lip without using a lip stain.

Gradient lips are always an easy and in beauty technique that can be done by any with only a few products. The traditional gradient lip uses a lip stain, such as Benefit’s Benetint, however, these stains made the center of my lips dry and chapped. After staring at my lipstick collection for a good half an hour, I discovered a way to use lipsticks faster and not put them to waste. Check below for how I do my gradient lip, it’s probably done before, but I just found this utterly fascinating.

Step 1: Moisturize!

Before adding anything to your lips, remember to use a lip balm first to ensure you lips are feeling healthy and moisturized. Any lip balm works, I like using ones that moisturize but aren’t too sticky, such as my Lip Pure lip balm ($5) or NIVEA Soothing Care Stick SPF 20. I love any lip products with SFP because they don’t feel sticky but gives you that needed protection from harmful UV rays. Also, any lip balms with vitamin E, such as the Nivea one, can help protect from and possibly repair damage.

Here’s me before this lip treatment! (I know, scary purple contacts :S)

DSC_0304 - Step 1 - Nothing

The lip balm I used, Lip Pure lip balm. It smells like orange flavoured candy!DSC_0325 - Lip balm product step 1A close-up with lip balm on. Yeah, I know not much difference, that’s the point.DSC_0305 - Step 1 - Lipbalm close up

Step 2: Use a nude lipstick.

Apply a nude lipstick to the outer area of your lips. If you identically added nude lipstick to your whole lip, that’s fine too, just add more of the darker colour in the next step.

DSC_0330 - nude lipstick product step 2Close-up with my nude lipstick (MAC’s Viva Glam Lady Gaga) around the edges.DSC_0308 - Step 2 - Nude lip close up

A tip when doing a nude lip, blend the edges of your lip colour in to your skin, so that there is no definite line around your lips. Then people will think your lips are “au naturel”.

Step 3:

This is the last step! Just add a darker colour to give your lips some contrast. I would highly suggest a sheer berry colour (NARS Afghan Red $30 or CLINIQUE Black Honey $19) or a cherry red colour (NARS Luxemborg $30 or MAYBELLINE whisper in Who Wore It Red-ER $9). This way, it will go along with the “au naturel” theme and give you a “I just had a popsicle” look.

DSC_0328 - reds products step 3A close-up of the final look, pretty subtle eh?DSC_0311 - Step 3 - with fake tint close up

Tada! We are done! Wasn’t that fast?DSC_0321 - FinalThanks for following to the end! Hope you have a glorious day!