Urban Suede


I realized I haven’t blogged for almost a year now. It’s not because I ran out of fashion inspiration, out of chic OOTDs or out of passion for blogging, but the sad reality is that my first year of work as a real adult and #adulting has left me barely any time to continue one of my passions. I’ve found that instead of posting fashion tips and essays on how I think through an outfit, I’ve opted for the easy route through a quick 10 second snap via Snapchat. Sometimes I wonder if the blogging community will one day become obsolete and all bloggers will just be social media influencers on Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube. Like really who has time to read. I would rather spend my limited 24 hours a day reading up on self-improvement books everyone keeps telling me I should read. I actually applaud you if you’re taking the time to read this now…


Away from pessimistic thoughts and back to the world of #style… This fall season one of the “it” items is SUEDE. Suede boots, jackets, dresses, shirts, hats, bags, you name it. The “it” colour of the season is less so burgundy and more brown. This jacket I found at Zara is the perfect combination of “it” colour and “it” fabric, it’s also in my favourite jacket style, moto jackets. The jacket is quite warm and versatile, so far I’ve paired it like this OOTD with a white tee and black shorts, with a black tank and jeans, with a grey tee and white jeans. Pretty much any top and bottom combination with white, grey, black, denim will work perfectly. This jacket is a nice addition to your closet from all those black and brown leather jackets every person on the street has.


Another “it” item for the season is the choker. I remember back in the 90s, plastic chokers were all the rage, but now I guess fashion has upgraded to chokers of all styles from leather, plastic, bejewelled and all arrays of colours. Me being me I wanted a chocker that was unique and didn’t look like all those other chokers you could find at Forever 21. Thank goodness for my favourite store Zara, they had a red leather choker with some jewels so it doesn’t look like a boring leather strap cutting your neck. I liked how for the chocker style I could style pair some of my other dainty necklaces to give it some length and so the choker doesn’t seem to be cutting the length of your neck.

20160905pkv_8889eunice 20160905pkv_8926eunice




Brown Suede Moto Jacket – Zara ($89.90)

White Tee – Zara

Black Shorts – Next (from my Taiwan trip) (similar here)

Taupe Booties – Shoedazzle ($29.95 on sale, $62.95 regular)

Red Jewelled Choker – Zara ($29.90)

Purse – Ann Taylor (see older post)

British Vibes


For today’s OOTD I got to collab with two awesome friends of mine. Desiree, the lifestyle blogger behind Desire-plus-an-e and Jonathan, a super pro-photographer. If you like their work, don’t forget to check out their creative outlets.

This OOTD comes from a while back during the Thanksgiving weekend so the weather is much warmer than what we’re seeing now in Canada. Nonetheless, these are some of my favourite fall looks inspired by the street style fashion I observed in London.

20151012_DSC0413DesireeEunice copy

Most of my OOTD was actually purchased in London, but I saw that Topshop in Canada also has these key pieces in store. This fall season we’re seeing lots of 70’s inspired outfits, whether it be flared pants, rustic/burnt colours or suede. I’m not a huge fan of flared pants because I think they don’t fit with my body shape but you can incorporate flare in other ways such as the flared detail in the sleeves of this black & white patterned dress. This dress also feels very 70’s to me as well – I think it’s the way the pattern looks like trippy zig-zag lines. Since this dress has lots of holes, being my conservative self, I would wear something underneath and since I have to wear something underneath anyways I might as well add some colour. Thus I matched the dress with a burnt-red turtleneck and red skirt. This red-on-red monochromatic pairing can actually be its own OOTD but by masterfully layering the dress on top you can almost mix-and-match many outfits. If red isn’t your kind of colour you can always stick with black pieces underneath or cobalt blue. Whatever the colour the top and bottom should be the same colour otherwise you’ll look more like a fashion disaster!

If this outfit looks too cold for you, I would add some black tights, switch the booties for over-the-knee boots and of course an appropriate jacket and winter accessories.

From my observations the key to looking like a Londoner is:

  1. Anything Topshop!!! No literally Topshop does a great job in encompassing the London street style fashion. It’s like a mix of biker chic, grunge and sass while looking effortless (that’s probably why it’s my favourite store…)
  2. Chelsea booties – in a very posh manner
  3. Cool sunglasses – continuing with the chic & sassy theme (it also makes Londoners look mysterious I guess)

One more note, since I didn’t have a wide enough black belt instead I interlaced two braided skinny belts to give the illusion of a thicker belt. Without the belt I think the outfit would look a little flat from the funky 70’s pattern, so a black belt would do well in giving me what little shape I have.

20151012_DSC0411DesireeEunice-Edit 20151012_DSC0416DesireeEunice-Edit 20151012_DSC0421DesireeEunice 20151012_DSC0424DesireeEunice


Black & White Dress – Topshop ($60)

Red Turtleneck – Topshop ($48)

Red A-line Skirt – Zara

Skinny Belts – Forever 21

Black Chelsea Booties – Selfridges – Kurt Geiger London (similar here and here)

Mirrored Sunglasses – Express


As for Desiree’s look here’s her thoughts about her London look:

“I’ve never been to London myself, but I know that the people are out and about in what I would describe to be a stylish street style. Everyone would presentable and stylish. This is an outfit that I feel comfortable in. It’s not particularly dressy but at the same time it is stepping up from a completely casual vibe. The layered collar under the sweater dresses up the outfit and by adding the statement necklace it gives some dimension to the upper half. I wanted to add some colour to the otherwise monochrome outfit with these olive pants. The black Chelsea boots are one of my favourite pairs of booties that I have. It’s different because it’s not a particularly feminine style yet it adds some taste to the outfit. And why not include a wide brim hat with it to complement the structured feel of the boots?”

For Desiree’s look I think the essential London-themed pieces would be the felt hat, structured top handle bag and Chelsea booties. What I mean to say is that sometimes what makes the look can be the super chic accessories that you add to up the “street style game”.

20151012_DSC0474DesireeEunice-Edit 20151012_DSC0453DesireeEunice-Edit 20151012_DSC0480DesireeEunice 20151012_DSC0488DesireeEunice


Black Wide Brim Hat – H&M ($34.99 – also in Taupe)

White Collared Tank – Bluenotes

Statement Necklace – Laura Petites

Glasses Sweater – Banana Republic

Olive Pants – Old Navy

Black Chelsea Boots – Old Navy ($32.50)

From my limited travels I think what differs each culture’s fashion would be how they style the same key pieces together. The way Londoners bring out style is by far my favourite and I was truly inspired by all the fashionable people strutting their stuff down the cobblestones.


Summer Dreams


Photography by Jonathan Tang

Boy has it been a long time coming. Sorry again for taking forever to post again. I’ve been finishing school, going on my grad trip and starting a new life in the working world. But now I’m back and ready to blog every week, so make sure to check back every Sunday for some notes on how I keep it street style chic with a pinch of charisma and leather (my fave!).

I know you’re going to think “Why are you posting a summer OOTD? Summer is way over! Get with the program woman!” Well… (1) These pictures are too good to waste (2) I really loved the print on this skirt, so I couldn’t wait a full year to show you (3) You can totally add a few items to the OOTD to make it fall appropriate (I’ll show you these pieces at the end of this post)


First, let’s start with the skirt. I love how Topshop mixed the tones of blue with the bright orange so well in this pencil skirt. My favourite part of the skirt is actually the two black zippers at the bottom of the skirt. I mean if you really want to be scandalous these zippers aren’t decoration, you could actually pull them up, but since we’re refined ladies, it’s better to keep them zipped. As always with any short skirt, I always wear a pair of black gym shorts underneath so I don’t accidentally flash anybody and also for added warmth and comfort. (Don’t you just hate the feeling of your thighs chafing against each other? Or maybe it’s just me and my fat legs. #fatlife #whocares #mylegsmyproblem)

I paired this skirt with a black top that has zippers on the sleeves to continue the theme of zippers. Also I feel like the skirt has a lot going on already that a plain black or white top is the best option. Any basic black or white top from your closet will do.IMG_3481


Just a small necklace or pendant would look nice with the plain top or you could keep it simple and have no accessories as the colourful shoes and skirt already do the trick.

This crossbody bag is my favourite bag this year and my go-to for all events. Not only is the colour and structure very soft and feminine, but the size is perfect to hold my DSLR and roam around the city. I brought this with me on my grad trip and it did not disappoint! 

IMG_3475 IMG_3546 IMG_3406 IMG_3462


Black T-shirt with Zippers on Sleeves – Zara

Tropical Floral Print Skirt – Topshop (other loves here and here)

Bee’s Knees Necklace – Jewelmint

Narin Multi coloured Lace-up Sandals – Shoedazzle

Blue Mirrored Aviators – Smartset (similar here and here)

Mini City Office Crossbody Bag in Pewter Blue – Zara (similar here and here)

I’m so sad I couldn’t find the skirt online, but the purpose of my post is to tell you not to worry about having one loud and bright piece as long as you match it well.


If you wanted to make this OOTD more fall appropriate, I would add three items to this look:

  1. Tights/ Over the Knee socks [like these from Topshop]
  2. Switch the sandals for Chelsea boots [like these from Sam Edelman]
  3. Wool coat [like this one from Zara]

That’s it for my Summer Dreams! Don’t forget to check back next Sunday for a new StyleStickynotes post!


Winter Storm


Photography by Jonathan Tang

I can’t believe it’s already spring and unsurprisingly I have yet again taken another hiatus and failed to blog for the past 4 months. I’m so sorry that I keep making empty promises, with school constantly piling up it’s just so easy to make excuses. Before winter is officially over, I wanted to share at least a few posts of how I attempted to stay warm this past winter. This year’s Canadian winter was again a harsh one, with many snow storms and even a school closure; heavy jackets, winter boots and lots and lots of sweaters was a basic necessity. It is always a challenge for us Canadians who commute to not look like a Michelin Tire man or a super stuffed dumpling. The key is to find a super warm jacket (most go for Canada Goose) and super warm but thin layers.

My favourite super warm layer has been this Colt Sweater from Aritzia, it is made of 100% wool and not itchy at all unlike some other wool sweaters. Just remember not to put it in the dryer or you’ll end up with a child’s sweater! The reason I love this sweater is it’s cut is super unique with a bit of high-low going on, a little flare at the bottom and a wide neckline perfect for matching with chunky necklaces (my fave accessories)

Since just wearing a sweater and black pants is just too dull and boring, adding a cute skirt with leggings is a nice change. It definitely ups your game from a typical everyday girl look into a chic fashionista! I found this unique Julina skirt at Club Monaco; it uses a special material that I call “scuba” because the feel and sheen reminds me of a scuba diver’s clothes. I can imagine adding this piece to any date night outfit and is a perfect winter-spring and fall-winter transition piece. 

I would say the major two essentials this past winter is 1) A Blanket Scarf & 2) Colourful Mittens. Thank goodness for blanket scarfs being a major accessory in fashion, without it my face would’ve definitely frozen to death countless times this winter. It’s also good for car naps without grabbing an extra pillow. Looks like it’s too late to buy one in stores now and I’m not sure if it’s staying in trend for next year too, but here are some alternatives from Dynamite and Aritzia. I recall seeing almost every girl on the streets with one of those Aritzia scarves. Colourful mittens definitely brightens up any dull winter ensemble, so these pink ones I got last year are my go-to pair.

Scroll down for more pictures of my chic winter outfit and pictures of me trying to “swim” through the snow.

IMG_9567 IMG_9547 IMG_9636 IMG_9615 IMG_9562 IMG_9648 IMG_9600 IMG_9591 IMG_9580 IMG_9635



Colt Sweater – Aritzia

Julina Skirt – Club Monaco

Blanket Scarf – Dynamite (similar here and here)

Black Tights – Topshop

Black Boots – Blondo

Colourful Mittens – Aritzia

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of winter, so spring please come soon! Let me know what your winter must have item was.


Black & White Fantasy


Crowd watching is one of my favourite past times (that just sounds so creepster…). Seriously though it’s really amusing sometimes to just sit and watch all the different individuals that pass by. Now that school is in full swing, I’m sitting at many coffee shops supposedly working on schoolwork. There really are many characters that walk by, there’s the studious Asians, the bored students who don’t have internet at home, the book-loving adults, the coffee addicts and the frequent coffee shop newbie. Most of the time I just think how difficult and awesome it was to make each person so different yet so similar at the same time.


All this deep talking makes me sound so ancient just like the black and white era of televisions. Black and white outfits are a really big trend during the fall, not only is it easy to pull off, but you can also add your own personal touch with bright accessories or printed details. If you have read some of my old posts, you will realize that fire engine red is one of my favourite colours. Here my bag, bracelet and hairband are my pops of red against my black and white attire. If you really aren’t into colour, this look is perfect for you because you will have many items to pair in your closet.


White Blazer white Black colour blocking: Costa Blanca $20 (similar here)
White and Black Sleeveless Tie-front tee: Forever21 $13.80 (found here)


Red Crossbody Satchel: H&M old (similar here)

DSC_0604 DSC_0616 DSC_0634 DSC_0633 DSC_0630 DSC_0617 DSC_0592

For more outfit ideas, check out this old post for more OOTD inspirations: Fall is Coming [A B&W Combo]

My preference for Black&White outfits are patterned black and white pants or black leatherette pants to give the outfit a sleek look. Black pants also make you look slimmer and the leather shows off them legs.



Spiked Headband: Topshop old (similar here and here)


I really dislike all this rain we are getting, hope there will be sunny days ahead. Send me some of your fave black and white OOTDs!


Sporty Chic


I don’t know about you, but dressing for the unpredictable temperature in Canada gives me quite a headache. In one day temperatures can go from 0 to 20 degrees celsius. Many people have been getting sick from this, so if you live in these PMS-ing climates, please don’t get sick, sleep plenty, drink lots of water, and eat lots of Vitamin C. When I feel like I’m about to get sick, I normally eat some Ester-C to help re-boost my immune system. (Don’t worry I’m not selling you medicated pills, they are just jam-packed with Vitamin C and other nutritious vitamins. I still wouldn’t take these everyday, only when I feel like I need to boost my immune system to fight oncoming colds.) 

2013-09-26 15.03.56

Mickey Mouse Baseball Cap: Disney
Off-White Cardigan: Zara (Old)
Forest Green T-shirt: Aerie ($10-$20)
Lace Jean Shorts: Topshop ($20 on sale) Similar here
Blue Sneaker Wedges: ShoeDazzle ($45)

Back to this Sporty Chic OOTD, I decided to make my Mickey Mouse baseball cap the main focus and used more soft, feminine clothes to match. This cardigan is warm, soft and fuzzy, what’s not to like! The off-white colour also goes well with any colour scheme and the cardi adds a layer of warmth. This cardigan from Zara has lasted though many seasons and can be paired with any outfit, business or casual. The shorts are another key element of the sporty chic look. To make an outfit more chic than sporty, pair high waisted shorts with a tie-dye pattern or lace detailing. These shorts from Topshop have both, even better! (Just don’t use shorts with spikes! ~that’s saved for Biker Chic) Any shirt can do, but if you do opt for high-waisted pants, it’s best if you full-tuck your shirt and t-shirts would be easiest as it gives a laid back look.

2013-09-26 15.12.08 2013-09-26 15.04.34 2013-09-26 15.10.37 2013-09-26 15.12.01 2013-09-26 15.11.54 2013-09-26 15.11.20 2013-09-26 15.11.16

Pair the outfit with this season’s array of sneaker wedges of your liking, so that you have sporty from H2T (Head-to-Toe). Accessories should be kept at a minimal so adding and belt, simple necklace, stud earrings, one ring per hand should be the max.

Psstt, if it’s just way too cold outside or you will be stuck in high powered A/C, bringing along a bomber jacket/jean jacket/hoody is highly recommended.

2013-09-26 15.12.34

All accessories from H&M

2013-09-26 15.12.41 2013-09-26 15.13.20 2013-09-26 15.14.40

I think sporty chic is actually one of the easiest styles to assemble. ALL YOU NEED is a baseball cap, sneaker wedges, cardigan, shorts and a tee (most of which should already abundantly be in your closest). Let me know how you would create your sporty chic look! 


OOTD: Feeling Blue


I recently found a $15 blazer at Dynamite, since I love blazers and $15 is such a big steal… I got it D: It’s like a sailor inspired blazer with white and blue vertical stripes. I would say this blazer is not the most flattering on all body shapes as the small stripes can make one look a tad wider. Even though vertical stripes should make you look elongated and very slim, small stripes can make you look wider by the mass of stripes, while thicker stripes will definitely elongate you. Small stripes are an inch or smaller, anything larger than 1-inch stripes will be a plus if you want to look slimmer. Also, this blazer uses lighter-weight fabric than normal blazers, so you don’t have to worry about baking like a rotisserie chicken during the summer.

I just chose clothes to wear and they ended up being all blue. Maybe it’s a sign I was feeling blue that day… Well let’s begin with the OOTD.


Sailor Blazer: Dynamite $15 (originally $46.90)
Blue Lace top: Forever 21 (got it last year)
Blue Shorts: Bluenotes $15
White Sandal Wedges: ShoeDazzle $39.95 (see my ShoeDazzle post for details: https://stylestickynotes.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/haul-shoedazzle-aldo/)


Blue Fashionista Sunglasses: Aldo (2 for $20 deal)

DSC_1044 DSC_1050 DSC_1042 DSC_1062 DSC_1061 DSC_1063


What did you think? Are you going to get your sailor on and get yourself this blazer deal? Are you feeling blue?