Sporty Chic


I don’t know about you, but dressing for the unpredictable temperature in Canada gives me quite a headache. In one day temperatures can go from 0 to 20 degrees celsius. Many people have been getting sick from this, so if you live in these PMS-ing climates, please don’t get sick, sleep plenty, drink lots of water, and eat lots of Vitamin C. When I feel like I’m about to get sick, I normally eat some Ester-C to help re-boost my immune system. (Don’t worry I’m not selling you medicated pills, they are just jam-packed with Vitamin C and other nutritious vitamins. I still wouldn’t take these everyday, only when I feel like I need to boost my immune system to fight oncoming colds.) 

2013-09-26 15.03.56

Mickey Mouse Baseball Cap: Disney
Off-White Cardigan: Zara (Old)
Forest Green T-shirt: Aerie ($10-$20)
Lace Jean Shorts: Topshop ($20 on sale) Similar here
Blue Sneaker Wedges: ShoeDazzle ($45)

Back to this Sporty Chic OOTD, I decided to make my Mickey Mouse baseball cap the main focus and used more soft, feminine clothes to match. This cardigan is warm, soft and fuzzy, what’s not to like! The off-white colour also goes well with any colour scheme and the cardi adds a layer of warmth. This cardigan from Zara has lasted though many seasons and can be paired with any outfit, business or casual. The shorts are another key element of the sporty chic look. To make an outfit more chic than sporty, pair high waisted shorts with a tie-dye pattern or lace detailing. These shorts from Topshop have both, even better! (Just don’t use shorts with spikes! ~that’s saved for Biker Chic) Any shirt can do, but if you do opt for high-waisted pants, it’s best if you full-tuck your shirt and t-shirts would be easiest as it gives a laid back look.

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Pair the outfit with this season’s array of sneaker wedges of your liking, so that you have sporty from H2T (Head-to-Toe). Accessories should be kept at a minimal so adding and belt, simple necklace, stud earrings, one ring per hand should be the max.

Psstt, if it’s just way too cold outside or you will be stuck in high powered A/C, bringing along a bomber jacket/jean jacket/hoody is highly recommended.

2013-09-26 15.12.34

All accessories from H&M

2013-09-26 15.12.41 2013-09-26 15.13.20 2013-09-26 15.14.40

I think sporty chic is actually one of the easiest styles to assemble. ALL YOU NEED is a baseball cap, sneaker wedges, cardigan, shorts and a tee (most of which should already abundantly be in your closest). Let me know how you would create your sporty chic look!