Sunday Grunge


I’ve come to love Sundays. It’s the only day where I can lounge around, bask in the sun and do nothing. Now that I am out of school, I don’t have to spend my Sundays cramming and can spend the day going to church, getting bubble tea and watching Korean dramas. Although summer is over, these Sunny Sundays extinguish the cold. I’ve realized that lately I have gravitated to lots of black & white outfits. I think the cold weather has made me feel muted and boring, anyone else feeling the same dullness? However, a black & white outfit can still be super fashionable and chic. All you need are black and white pieces with different details, cutting and fabric.


In today’s OOTD I paired a lace black top (that looks kinda like cobwebs), a flowy white skater skirt, leather jacket and leather booties. You could totally add some bling, but I would recommend only dainty accessories since we would want to keep the focus on the outfit details.


Since the lace black top looks very Victorian, I would curl my hair to continue the romantic theme. This OOTD is not only great as your “Sunday Best” for church, but also as a date outfit or some fancy Sunday brunch.

If you want to add small placements of colour, I would recommend adding a bright bag, red/pink lips or if you’re freezing… a blanket scarf.

20151011-DSC_0595 20151011-DSC_0574 20151011-DSC_0572 20151011-DSC_0612


Black Lace Top – Zara (similar here and here)

White Skater Skirt – Dynamite (similar here)

Black Leather Jacket – Dynamite (similar here and here)

Black Booties – Shoemint (similar here and here)

Summary Tip: Don’t be afraid to wear black & white outfits! Just make sure to use different fabrics to make it interesting! (e.g. lace, leather, fur, patterns, silk, pleats)



Autumn Blues

IMG_8156 copy

My does time pass! I feel so bad for not blogging again after another long hiatus. I hope my readers will understand and keep supporting me as I go through this stressful period of finding my true colour. I think as I face the eminent phase to find my first job after graduation I keep pushing off everything and just watch dramas all day. However, I’ve rediscovered my joy and purpose in blogging, so I hope you will all stick by my side as I grow into the motivating, inspiring blogger I dreamed of becoming.

I have a full list of posts coming up, so be prepared to be updated by a weekly dose of StyleStickynotes!


Today’s OOTD was photographed by my good friend Jonathan Tang and shows the dark grunge of cold autumn whilst incorporating royal blues – a great jewel-toned hue that is a trendy fall colour. We also wanted to show you a taste of the downtown core of the small town of Waterloo where we go to school, so we went on a random adventure right after exams (excuse the horrible skin and panda eyes from the late-night cramming!)

A few things I’m going to miss about the summer – besides the fact that I didn’t even get a summer – are these reflective aviators I have on and being able to wear shorts and skirts everyday! Now that I’m stuck in an office everyday, I miss seeing the sun and feeling the warm summer breeze, but I’m thankful for the weekends where I can bask in some Vitamin D and wear whatever I want. HELLO leather, sneaker wedges and sheer tops!

I also love the bag here not just because it’s such a strong but neutral colour that fits with every outfit, but because it’s so light and big enough to carry all my needs around town. I can even fit my camera and laptop in there! Even though it’s so worn out from all the torture in NYC, it’s still my go-to everyday bag.

Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom for product details and links to where you could buy these fab pieces!

IMG_8222 IMG_8158 IMG_8145IMG_8211IMG_8208IMG_8176IMG_8185


Black Jersey Jacket with White Leather Sleeves  – H&M (Alternatives: here & here)

White “Mummy” Sheer Striped Sweater – Urban Outfitters

Black Pleated Faux Leather Skater Skirt – Aritzia (Similar: here)

Blue Crossbody Purse – Zara (A great alternative)

Blue Sneaker Wedges – Shoedazzle (Charge: $48.95)

Reflective Aviators – Dynamite (Similar here)

Bora Bora Necklace – Jewelmint ($19.99: here)

Now it’s time to prance around in this warm sunshine before the cold front returns!


Leather Power

DSC_1747 copy Hey! StyleStickynotes is back from hiding! I thought I should start off my return with a quick OOTD, the classic post on StyleStickynotes. It’s summer now so it’s time to take out all them shorts and skirts. While I was in New York, I saw this cute pink leather skirt in a pile of clothes at Zara and thought “I had to buy it!” (That’s not a sign of a shopaholic, I swear). If you haven’t noticed, I love leather everything, but sometimes it can look too edgy and uninviting, but this blush pink colour is the perfect girly meets biker chic. I also added a staple chambray shirt with some stud detailing and sheer black blouse to balance the edgy with the preppy. Stockings are optional, but I added grey ones just because it was a tad breezy at night. Any shoes would look great with this outfit, but to go along with the edgy-girly vibe, I added my white split-leather (think of this material as a cross between suede and leather) combat boots. Just add any bling you like, some cool shades and a vibrant lip (a summer essential) and your OOTD is complete! DSC_1711 DSC_1720 DSC_1753 DSC_1731 DSC_1743 DSC_1749 DSC_1748 DSC_1756 DSC_1758 DSC_1778

~Product Details~

Pink A-Line Leather Skirt – Zara ($49.90 CAD: here)

Studded Chambray Shirt – Topshop (similar here & here)

Black half silk, half chiffon Blouse – Forever21 (similar here & here)

Grey Stockings – H&M

White split leather Combat Boots – Sam Edelman (similar here)

Silver Bow Ring – Vintage shop in NYC

Watch – Marc Jacobs

Silver Arrow Bracelet – C Wonder ($34 USD: here)

Chain Necklace – C Wonder (similar here)

It’s been a long six months… apparently I have started this blog over a year ago, but since I have been MIA, it feels like I just started blogging not long ago… I’m going to be blunt and say that blogging had become more of a chore than a hobby as time progressed. I kept making excuses saying that I am busy with school or that I was out and about in New York, but although these excuses are true, my conscience screams that I just lost my passion to blog. I wouldn’t say that I have totally regained my passion, but after being away, blogging seems like a part that defines me, so it is something I will eventually come back to. If you are reading this today, I thank you for your virtual support and I hope you will continue to support me as I struggle with balancing my priorities and finding myself. Let me know if you have any stories you would like to share about your struggles defining YOU. It’s great to be back! StyleStickynotes

Fall in School


This may not have dawned on me yet, but this will be the last fall term I will be in school. If you are from Waterloo and/or doing co-op you will understand what I mean. For those of you who don’t, my University program includes a co-op portion where you work for 4 months during odd school schedules. My unique program has five years – this being my fourth – although I have 4 terms of school left, this will be my last fall term in school. EVER! I think I will only start regretting it by December, but for the time being, let me reminiscent with a keepsake OOTD of falling leaves, Waterloo sunset and my scholarly backpack.

For my avid readers, I just realized I haven’t officially posted anything for a while now. I am so sorry for my delinquency. I have a few sets of posts on the backburner, so you will be fashion updated soontimes!

This OOTD will be very simple, but also very ME. It’s comfortable enough for school, has leather (my fave), and heels suitable for my short stature. These DULL days full of no shopping and constant studying has left me researching for new fall outfit inspirations. From observation, it seems that a tights combo is very trendy, paired with any summer shorts or cute flowy dress. However, it is super cold in Canada, so wearing just that would freeze you to death and make you look downright crazy. You can opt to add a thick, chunky sweater, a bomber jacket, or a leather jacket (as I have done here). Define that waist with a braided belt, classy watch, backpack and heels and you are READY FOR SCHOOL!


Black Leather Jacket: Dynamite old (similar here)
Green Circle Scarf: Dynamite $20 (similar here)


Floral print dress: Topshop old (similar here and here)


Two words: Oh gosh..


Gotta say this pic is really nice

IMG_4737 IMG_4728

TIP: 1) If those heels are hurting your feet while walking to shoes, either they are too tight or the insole is too hard. I would advise wearing socks until the insides of your shoes weather down. Another tip if your heels are too tight are to wear thick soles and blow dry the.

IMG_4692 IMG_4739 IMG_4745 IMG_4729 IMG_4728

TIP: 2) Braided belts are my fave because you can easily adjust them during the day, after you eat too much or drank too much coffee. You just need to unbelt to the next braid instead of all the way to the next whole. I think these belts are most versatile because they work for any waist size.


Braided Skinny Belt: Forever 21 old (similar here)




Red Herschel Backpack: Little Burgundy $70 (black ver. here)


I just had to do a jumping picture 

IMG_4752 IMG_4757 IMG_4764

Pstt. Did you notice that I added some black shorts underneath the dress? It would be a good idea to include if you were to try this look yourself, don’t wanna be exposin’!

What’s your thoughts on this new blogging/photography style? How do you dress up for school?


From the Battlefied…a military inspired ensemble


I haven’t posted anything on the blog lately. For one, I have been in a spell of bumming around lately and I don’t feel like my outfits are awe-inspiring enough to broadcast. The other is the fact that I am in school right now and struggling to keep up with my readings for my six courses, so I’ve been “trying” to study. After all that reading, blogging makes me feel so much more alive. It’s probably because this is something I am passionate about doing, whereas studying is a passive means to be a successful career woman in the future. Tip of the day, you won’t know what you want to do in life if you don’t try doing anything. Say if you think you want to be a doctor, go to the hospital and be a volunteer; if you like products and want to be a marketer, establish a strong self-brand first; if you like to fight for justice, go help out at a local law firm. So, if you won’t try, you won’t know. 

Okay, I better stop boring you with my emo phase. In Ontario, we have been experiencing early spring weather, so it was time to whip out those pants and leather jackets. I felt like matching the leather detailing on these khaki pants with leather boots and a leather jacket. Adding a hat and you have yourself a military inspired ensemble. Any other edgy pieces may be too much miltary, so I added a  white Victorian-lace shirt, a casual lace baseball cap and a neon-orange cross-body bag. Let’s go check some pictures!


Black Lace Baseball Cap: H&M $12.99
Black Leather Jacket: Dynamite $45
White Victorian Lace Shirt: Forever 21 (from Hong Kong)
Green Khaki Pants: Forever 21 $19.50
Bright Coral Cross-body bag: H&M $14.99
Black Leather Boots: Aldo $60


I think I might have dozed off while shooting this D:


Look! It has spikes! So edgy!!




I think we might have to clean our windows…

DSC_0493 DSC_0531

Thanks for supporting my blog since it’s birth a few weeks ago. As a thank you, tomorrow I will be having an uber bright OOTD post and a tutorial on this curly hair I have been having in several of my posts. Please anticipate them!