Black & White Fantasy


Crowd watching is one of my favourite past times (that just sounds so creepster…). Seriously though it’s really amusing sometimes to just sit and watch all the different individuals that pass by. Now that school is in full swing, I’m sitting at many coffee shops supposedly working on schoolwork. There really are many characters that walk by, there’s the studious Asians, the bored students who don’t have internet at home, the book-loving adults, the coffee addicts and the frequent coffee shop newbie. Most of the time I just think how difficult and awesome it was to make each person so different yet so similar at the same time.


All this deep talking makes me sound so ancient just like the black and white era of televisions. Black and white outfits are a really big trend during the fall, not only is it easy to pull off, but you can also add your own personal touch with bright accessories or printed details. If you have read some of my old posts, you will realize that fire engine red is one of my favourite colours. Here my bag, bracelet and hairband are my pops of red against my black and white attire. If you really aren’t into colour, this look is perfect for you because you will have many items to pair in your closet.


White Blazer white Black colour blocking: Costa Blanca $20 (similar here)
White and Black Sleeveless Tie-front tee: Forever21 $13.80 (found here)


Red Crossbody Satchel: H&M old (similar here)

DSC_0604 DSC_0616 DSC_0634 DSC_0633 DSC_0630 DSC_0617 DSC_0592

For more outfit ideas, check out this old post for more OOTD inspirations: Fall is Coming [A B&W Combo]

My preference for Black&White outfits are patterned black and white pants or black leatherette pants to give the outfit a sleek look. Black pants also make you look slimmer and the leather shows off them legs.



Spiked Headband: Topshop old (similar here and here)


I really dislike all this rain we are getting, hope there will be sunny days ahead. Send me some of your fave black and white OOTDs!


Fall in Summer

BRRRR. It’s freezing cold here. (Freezing is equivalent to below 20 degrees.) It’s still SUMMER but between the massive rainstorms and cold breezes, days have been pretty chilly here. Chilly enough to wear a bomber jacket/canvas parka, my fave!

When I used to be fashion-less (gasp!), I always thought green would not look well with my yellow skin, but surprise Surprise, canvas green is actually one of the most complementary colours! That’s a bummer for my wallet, because that means one more item in the closet! Thank goodness for the Aritzia End of Season Sale, I invested in a green bomber jacket to keep me all nice and warm during these breezy days. Lucky for me, I found this jewel for $55 (originally $110, I know!)

Now let’s see how I styled this jacket for some warmth, but also breathable…


Bomber Jacket: $55 Aritzia
Green Sheer top: gifted from my lovely friends who bought it at Dynamite
Brown Belt: Dynamite
Leather Pants with mesh paneling: Topshop $40


Tip: A belt is a must to carve out that hip and hourglass figure!


I like braided skinny belts because I can adjust the length easily with each braid instead of the next hole.


It’s actually pretty breathable with the sheer top catching all the wind.


What can I say. I’m a penguin..


Tip: Don’t slouch or else you will unconsciously slouch more and more. Lesson learned.


Here’s the side profile, the jacket is actually pretty soft. Too bad it says “DRY CLEAN ONLY”. Sorry Aritzia, but I don’t have the money to dry clean all my clothes -.-


A trademark for all bomber jackets, the ribbed collar line.


These combat boots have seen better days. I also reviewed them here:


These leather pants are so thin, the line down the centre makes the legs seem thinner and the mesh panels give some wind to the legs. What’s there not to love?


My hip sunnies from Aldo 2 for $20.


Really you can add anything you want with this jacket, it’s super versatile. I would see a floral dress, tiered skirt, hoodie, white shorts, lookin’ good with the jacket.

When I shot the photos for this OOTD, I curled my hair after missing my beachy curly from a year ago, quelle surprise! (why are their so many surprises…) Anyways, since I missed my curls so much, I decided to camwhore T.T This was the result….


Almost the “deer in headlights”


Bright lips are a necessity for the summer.












Hair in ya face.


Woah, too much Eunice!

Bundle warm during these breezy days and share your fave jackets with me.

Until next time!