Sunday Grunge


I’ve come to love Sundays. It’s the only day where I can lounge around, bask in the sun and do nothing. Now that I am out of school, I don’t have to spend my Sundays cramming and can spend the day going to church, getting bubble tea and watching Korean dramas. Although summer is over, these Sunny Sundays extinguish the cold. I’ve realized that lately I have gravitated to lots of black & white outfits. I think the cold weather has made me feel muted and boring, anyone else feeling the same dullness? However, a black & white outfit can still be super fashionable and chic. All you need are black and white pieces with different details, cutting and fabric.


In today’s OOTD I paired a lace black top (that looks kinda like cobwebs), a flowy white skater skirt, leather jacket and leather booties. You could totally add some bling, but I would recommend only dainty accessories since we would want to keep the focus on the outfit details.


Since the lace black top looks very Victorian, I would curl my hair to continue the romantic theme. This OOTD is not only great as your “Sunday Best” for church, but also as a date outfit or some fancy Sunday brunch.

If you want to add small placements of colour, I would recommend adding a bright bag, red/pink lips or if you’re freezing… a blanket scarf.

20151011-DSC_0595 20151011-DSC_0574 20151011-DSC_0572 20151011-DSC_0612


Black Lace Top – Zara (similar here and here)

White Skater Skirt – Dynamite (similar here)

Black Leather Jacket – Dynamite (similar here and here)

Black Booties – Shoemint (similar here and here)

Summary Tip: Don’t be afraid to wear black & white outfits! Just make sure to use different fabrics to make it interesting! (e.g. lace, leather, fur, patterns, silk, pleats)



Winter Storm


Photography by Jonathan Tang

I can’t believe it’s already spring and unsurprisingly I have yet again taken another hiatus and failed to blog for the past 4 months. I’m so sorry that I keep making empty promises, with school constantly piling up it’s just so easy to make excuses. Before winter is officially over, I wanted to share at least a few posts of how I attempted to stay warm this past winter. This year’s Canadian winter was again a harsh one, with many snow storms and even a school closure; heavy jackets, winter boots and lots and lots of sweaters was a basic necessity. It is always a challenge for us Canadians who commute to not look like a Michelin Tire man or a super stuffed dumpling. The key is to find a super warm jacket (most go for Canada Goose) and super warm but thin layers.

My favourite super warm layer has been this Colt Sweater from Aritzia, it is made of 100% wool and not itchy at all unlike some other wool sweaters. Just remember not to put it in the dryer or you’ll end up with a child’s sweater! The reason I love this sweater is it’s cut is super unique with a bit of high-low going on, a little flare at the bottom and a wide neckline perfect for matching with chunky necklaces (my fave accessories)

Since just wearing a sweater and black pants is just too dull and boring, adding a cute skirt with leggings is a nice change. It definitely ups your game from a typical everyday girl look into a chic fashionista! I found this unique Julina skirt at Club Monaco; it uses a special material that I call “scuba” because the feel and sheen reminds me of a scuba diver’s clothes. I can imagine adding this piece to any date night outfit and is a perfect winter-spring and fall-winter transition piece. 

I would say the major two essentials this past winter is 1) A Blanket Scarf & 2) Colourful Mittens. Thank goodness for blanket scarfs being a major accessory in fashion, without it my face would’ve definitely frozen to death countless times this winter. It’s also good for car naps without grabbing an extra pillow. Looks like it’s too late to buy one in stores now and I’m not sure if it’s staying in trend for next year too, but here are some alternatives from Dynamite and Aritzia. I recall seeing almost every girl on the streets with one of those Aritzia scarves. Colourful mittens definitely brightens up any dull winter ensemble, so these pink ones I got last year are my go-to pair.

Scroll down for more pictures of my chic winter outfit and pictures of me trying to “swim” through the snow.

IMG_9567 IMG_9547 IMG_9636 IMG_9615 IMG_9562 IMG_9648 IMG_9600 IMG_9591 IMG_9580 IMG_9635



Colt Sweater – Aritzia

Julina Skirt – Club Monaco

Blanket Scarf – Dynamite (similar here and here)

Black Tights – Topshop

Black Boots – Blondo

Colourful Mittens – Aritzia

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of winter, so spring please come soon! Let me know what your winter must have item was.


Chic Rebel



I can’t believe the year is almost over, no matter how much I love the holiday season, I very much despise the cold. This year it feels as if we skipped the fall season entirely and went straight to winter. To bring back the last bit of fall before it leaves, I wanted to share a simple sunday stroll OOTD with only a glimpse of skin so that I don’t freeze to death. If I had the time (every girl’s excuse), I would definitely add a dark berry lip to this ensemble just to add an extra punch of rebel to this look. Even though the top is very grunge and biker, I tried to add a bit of city chic with a flowy, sheer blouse & some preppy pinstripe skorts & (the winter staple) knee-high black leather boots.

20140921-DSC_0605-2 20140921-DSC_067620140921-DSC_065120140921-DSC_0637-2 20140921-DSC_0723 20140921-DSC_0728 20140921-DSC_0744-2 20140921-DSC_0745 20140921-DSC_0629-2

I think the little bit of skin shows a smidgen of sexiness that I know every girl has and also helps to lengthen them legs! Even though I don’t have slim legs at all, this skort + skin + knee-high boots combo makes your legs look like they could go on for days. (Trust me, I’m pretty short at 5’2″ but this combo definitely helps me one step closer in achieving Kpop idol looking legs). Just make sure to tuck in that blouse into the skort to make your hip appear higher and so that blouse isn’t hanging loose and looking frumpy.


Black Leather Jacket – Dynamite (similar here)

Red Gingham Shirt – Forever 21 (for the girls & for the guys)

White Blouse – Forever 21 (similar here)

Grey Pinstripe Skort – Zara

Necklace – Dynamite (fave alternative)

Black Knee-high Boots – Chinese Laundry

20140921-DSC_0753 20140921-DSC_0757 20140921-DSC_0768

What other tricks do you have to pretend like you have longer legs than you actually do? Please share with us down below.


OOTD: Feeling Blue


I recently found a $15 blazer at Dynamite, since I love blazers and $15 is such a big steal… I got it D: It’s like a sailor inspired blazer with white and blue vertical stripes. I would say this blazer is not the most flattering on all body shapes as the small stripes can make one look a tad wider. Even though vertical stripes should make you look elongated and very slim, small stripes can make you look wider by the mass of stripes, while thicker stripes will definitely elongate you. Small stripes are an inch or smaller, anything larger than 1-inch stripes will be a plus if you want to look slimmer. Also, this blazer uses lighter-weight fabric than normal blazers, so you don’t have to worry about baking like a rotisserie chicken during the summer.

I just chose clothes to wear and they ended up being all blue. Maybe it’s a sign I was feeling blue that day… Well let’s begin with the OOTD.


Sailor Blazer: Dynamite $15 (originally $46.90)
Blue Lace top: Forever 21 (got it last year)
Blue Shorts: Bluenotes $15
White Sandal Wedges: ShoeDazzle $39.95 (see my ShoeDazzle post for details:


Blue Fashionista Sunglasses: Aldo (2 for $20 deal)

DSC_1044 DSC_1050 DSC_1042 DSC_1062 DSC_1061 DSC_1063


What did you think? Are you going to get your sailor on and get yourself this blazer deal? Are you feeling blue?