Summer Metallics


These days, it’s hot and humid. Weather I just don’t want to walk in if I don’t want to sweat buckets and bathtubs. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating just a wee bit, but it is 30 + degrees everyday in Canada, so I can’t imaging how hot it would be in Florida or LA O.O

I have been having a crazy week of group projects and expect to have a “hell” week at school next week, so before I lose motivation, I will post this quick OOTD post for you . (Also because I am bored since my parents are taking a call while they are Skype-ing me T.T)


Blue Round Sunglasses: Aldo 2 for $20 deal
Mint Blouse: F21 Hong Kong ~$5CDN, $35HKD
White Printed Skirt with front slit: H&M $15 (on sale now!)


Turquoise Clutch with Gold chain: Aldo $40 (similar to:


Some old gladiators from last year. Gross!


Random bangles from random Aldo and H&M bracelet sets collected over the seasons

Alone, this outfit could pass as a “Business Casual” outfit that you can wear to family dinner outfit, a date outfit (just change to higher heels and better shoes), a business conference outfit. By adding different jackets, accessories and shoes, we can achieve a more casual or more formal outfit. Whatever floats your boat. For more formal wear, opt for a collared shirt/blouse instead or add a black blazer and switch to some closed-toe shoes.

For a more casual outfit, we can add a sweater of your liking or the PLAID shirt (a piece making its comeback as an accessory, tied around your waist or draped over your shoulders). Here’s some examples.

DSC_1201 DSC_1202 DSC_1214 DSC_1216

In case you haven’t noticed, my skirt has some metallic sheen to it, the gladiators are a chrome metallic colour and as usual I have my arm candy in tow. If you would like a close up of the skirt, send me a message and I’ll show you the close up of the metallic sheen and the intricate pattern.

Hopefully, I’ll have some time soon to go through my firework pictures from Canada Day and make a picture reel of fireworks!

Until later.


OOTD: Cloudy Weather Ahead [White Lace & Military Boots]

First official OOTD post. Let me know if you like these either on Facebook or commenting down below. If the general consensus is that these are awesome and much loved, then I’ll keep posting these! Otherwise, they will just be one lonely pic of special OOTDs on Instagram/Twitter.

If you don’t know OOTD mean Outfit Of The Day. Yay, lesson learned!


This past weekend, I went back home to Toronto and went hunting for summer dresses. Knowing me, the dresses needed to be eye-catching, unique and edgy. Tick, tick and tick for this White Lacey Dress from Forever 21 for $39.95 CAD.

I guess it’s my shopaholic needs, but once I buy something, I ought to wear it ASAP! Thus, I chose to wear it today to school and stick out like a sore thumb in this humid 28 degree weather. What a bad idea it was, but at least it was breezy and I got lots of compliments, mostly “I love your dress” and “OMG, what’s the special occasion!” Ladies (and Gents), let me tell you, you can wear whatever you want, if you stick out like a sore thumb, so be it, wear whatever makes you confident in your own skin.

Last comment before we jump to the pics, I couldn’t resist strapping on my trusty military boots from my previous ALDO haul post for this outfit, it just added that bit of me into this girly ensemble.


Khaki Green Blazer with leather sleeves: Dynamite $39.99
White Lacey Dress: Forever 21 $39.95
Red Belt: H&M old
Brown Aviators: Forever 21 $3.99
Black Military Booties: Aldo $60





That’s a wrap! Hope you liked it! Please let me know what you thought of this OOTD post!