From the Battlefied…a military inspired ensemble


I haven’t posted anything on the blog lately. For one, I have been in a spell of bumming around lately and I don’t feel like my outfits are awe-inspiring enough to broadcast. The other is the fact that I am in school right now and struggling to keep up with my readings for my six courses, so I’ve been “trying” to study. After all that reading, blogging makes me feel so much more alive. It’s probably because this is something I am passionate about doing, whereas studying is a passive means to be a successful career woman in the future. Tip of the day, you won’t know what you want to do in life if you don’t try doing anything. Say if you think you want to be a doctor, go to the hospital and be a volunteer; if you like products and want to be a marketer, establish a strong self-brand first; if you like to fight for justice, go help out at a local law firm. So, if you won’t try, you won’t know.¬†

Okay, I better stop boring you with my emo phase. In Ontario, we have been experiencing early spring weather, so it was time to whip out those pants and leather jackets. I felt like matching the leather detailing on these khaki pants with leather boots and a leather jacket. Adding a hat and you have yourself a military inspired ensemble. Any other edgy pieces may be too much miltary, so I added a ¬†white Victorian-lace shirt, a casual lace baseball cap and a neon-orange cross-body bag. Let’s go check some pictures!


Black Lace Baseball Cap: H&M $12.99
Black Leather Jacket: Dynamite $45
White Victorian Lace Shirt: Forever 21 (from Hong Kong)
Green Khaki Pants: Forever 21 $19.50
Bright Coral Cross-body bag: H&M $14.99
Black Leather Boots: Aldo $60


I think I might have dozed off while shooting this D:


Look! It has spikes! So edgy!!




I think we might have to clean our windows…

DSC_0493 DSC_0531

Thanks for supporting my blog since it’s birth a few weeks ago. As a thank you, tomorrow I will be having an uber bright OOTD post and a tutorial on this curly hair I have been having in several of my posts. Please anticipate them!