[Product Review] Inglot Lipstick #175 (Dark Wine Red)


Let’s take a break from fashion and OOTDs this week and talk beauty. Although I love dark lips for fall, I find it hard to pull of super dark colours against my pale skin tone. Mostly because if I have dark lips, people probably think I’m gothic or something like that (it’s definitely not something I want to be associated with at work). Also since I have strong eye makeup everyday, it could be seen as TOO MUCH going on if you have BOTH strong eyes and lips.

Be cautioned that when using dark lipstick I would strongly advise using a lip brush instead of just the lipstick itself, because it will be less likely for you to make an error and have to erase EVERYTHING.

After lots of searching, I think this Inglot colour is the darkest and most wearable wine red colour I could use. Don’t fret, the product may look almost black in colour but when applied it is much lighter.


The lipstick formula isn’t as creamy as I would have hoped, so it did require a few more applications so my lips wouldn’t look patchy like a Dalmatian. A lip brush would definitely help with filling in the gaps without over-applying. From my experience, the worst thing about over-applying lipstick is it feels like you have a layer of paint stuck on your lips instead of it feeling sheer and natural. (GROSS!)


Below are some closeups of what it looks like indoors, in the sunlight and outdoors in the shade.

Scroll to the bottom for my score of this lipstick.

20151025-DSC_0551 20141012-DSC_1097 20141012-DSC_1100 20141012-DSC_1022 20141012-DSC_1018

All in all this lipstick colour is an A for me but the texture is a B as it was kind of a let down with its sticky application and spottiness, but with a lip liner it could work and the stickiness subsides after time. Overall I’ll give it a B+ because I like this colour and would wear it out on the weekends or afterwork, but I don’t think I would repurchase it again because I wouldn’t really see myself using it too often. Only in the fall and only for night events, but if you’re looking for a dark wine colour this is the one for you and it’s not too much of an investment!

If you live in Toronto, there is a store close to the Eaton’s Centre.

P.S. If you’re wondering where the necklace is from, I got it at Express in the summer, so it probably is no longer available in store. A similar one can be found here and here.

20151025-DSC_0548 20151025-DSC_0538 20151025-DSC_0566



[Review] Nail Polish Canada

Hey Y’All! Long time no post!

I know I promised a tutorial post today, but there are some technical difficulties posting it. To compensate, I will give you a review of package I just picked up in the mail from Nail Polish Canada.

Then I will post an OOTD from exam to interview, what an awesome day that is eh? I just finished two midterms this weekend, explaining my two week MIA. After these two posts, I may be MIA for another week to finish off my midterms. Sorry for the long wait and I hope you will continue to support me!

With the recent outbursts of new nail polish collections from OPI, ESSIE and ZOYA, I thought I should try some of these new collectibles and add more colours to my growing “salon”! I recently discovered a Canadian nail polish site and thought it would be great to try out these new collections. From my last haul post from ShoeDazzle, you know that I am pretty concerned about extra hidden shipping fees and taxes, so buying from Canadian sites is optimal. What’s great is this company ships from Downtown Toronto, so if you live within a 250km radius of Toronto, you should be able to get your package within a day or two!

Although it’s website isn’t the prettiest and most practical layout, it’s prices are pretty low and has a huge collection of all the possible nail polish brands (from OPI, Essie, Deborah Lippmann, Butter London, China Glaze, ZOYA, Orly, you name it). I wouldn’t say they have the lowest prices, but they are reasonable and better than you will find at Shoppers Drug Mart, a dollar cheaper than WalMart/Target and definitely has more colours and stock than the aforementioned stores.

My only issue is that some of their most popular polishes are out of stock and you will have to wait (indeterminately) for them to re-stock. Thus, I couldn’t buy any of the Deborah Lippmann polishes I was falling head over heels for, like this Across the Universe polish.

For each polish, the site also gives you a run-down on the collection, size, product details, product reviews, and my favourite – pictures for you to click on so you can see how the polish really looks like on the nails.

Overall, I would give this a 8/10, they can improve with a better website, more stock of popular polishes and better packaging. I would definitely repurchase if they continue to have lower prices and more stock than my local stores.

Let’s move on to the polishes I bought.

First, the package came in a small plain cardboard box, with some white foam nibblets in the box. I would have taken a picture, but it wasn’t pretty enough and I was at the post office, too awkward. The polishes were wrapped in pairs in the ever fun bubble wrap. The bubble wrap packages were stapled, so be careful not to make those staples a projectile while you break open the packages. The polishes were not damaged, so I assume the packaging was safe enough. You can be the judge for this:

DSC_0903 DSC_0904

I bought one colour from the following collections: Zoya Pixie Dust, OPI Skyfall, OPI Liquid Sand, Essie Summer 2013. They ended up being an array of the rainbow and all have sparkles, but they are perfect for this season’s bright colours! The gold one is by far my favourite as it comes off as true gold colour and it makes you nails look like they are foiled with liquid gold, simply stunning!

DSC_0924 DSC_0906 DSC_0907

Prices for each of the nail polishes are as follows:


GOLDEN EYE BY OPI $8.95 (liquid gold)



The liquid sand by OPI goes on really smoothly and I only needed one coat. It’s one of those polishes that you can just leave it plain and it still looks as stellar as any design. The Zoya and Essie polishes I have yet to try, but the Essie looked very smooth and thick enough for one coat only. Here’s how I did my nails with the Golden Eye and Tiffany Case polishes and a touch of “Where’s my Chauffeur”. I think I need to learn how to colour WITHIN the lines…

DSC_0921 DSC_0908

All in all I love my purchases and would repurchase with Nail Polish Canada.

A quick tip when buying nail polishes, obviously you don’t want anyone to have used your polish before, but to check, try to open the bottle in the store. If it’s very hard for you to open or after you open it, you see a bit of dried polish on the rim of the opening, then you should put that bottle down and try another one.

Also, if you don’t know what the latest nail colours and collections are the site has a page dedicated for this: http://www.nailpolishcanada.com/new-and-upcoming-collections/

Let me know what your experience with Nail Polish Canada is, what colours you would get from these collections and what you thought of my purchase. As for me, I already have my eye on the Butter London Summer Holiday Collection!


Review: NARS Satin Lip Pencil & Maybelline Color Whisper

Recently there has been two very popular lipstick trends, the NARS Satin Lip Pencils ($30 Cdn) and the Maybelline Color Whispers (max $10). Let me give you a quick run down of each and then I will show you swatches of the colours I chose, so you can go out and buy your own!

DSC_0252 (All products) NARS Satin Lip Pencils

Fade Proof: 10/10
Stay Time: 16 hours
Colour Pigmentation: 10/10
Usability: 9/10
Range of Colours: 12 @Sephora
Where to buy: Sephora, The Bay, NARS website
Price: $30 CDN or $25 USD

These satin lip pencils are a new spin-off from the original NARS Velvet Mate Lip Pencils. They have a few different shades of colour and both provides a lasting finish that can keep up with your long days.

I absolutely love these pencils, if they did not cost so much I would definitely buy more colours. I love these because they provide lasting colour through any meal, coffee or the few wipes throughout the day. The colour gives a tad of gloss, but enough so that it still looks like your natural colour.

The pencil is a bit chubby and so it’s not the perfect lip liner, but you can just use a lip liner brush to get the same effect. Another disadvantage is the fact that it is a pencil which needs to be sharpened, so you will need to invest in a lip pencil sharpener if you do not already have one.

Since, these pencils are very pigmented, for intensely bright colours – such as Luxemborg – I like to use my middle or ring finger to dab on the colour. You can also press your lips on a tissue after you apply the bright colour to give a lip stained look.

For me, this is a definite buy! However, not everyone’s wallet may be able to take this purchase, so I would hope that a dear friend/family would gift one to me on a special occasion. For a more affordable option, there is the Maybelline Color Whispers.

Time for some swatches!

Paper swatches with 2 strokes


LEFT: Lodhi; RIGHT: Luxemborg

Maybelline Color Whisper

Fade Proof: 7/10
Stay Time: 4 hours
Colour Pigmentation: 5/10
Usability: 10/10
Range of Colours: 20
Where to buy: Walmart, Target, Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada only)
Price: $8.99 – $10.99 (dependent on store)

This is significantly cheaper than the NARS lip pencils, but it is also not as pigmented and long lasting. Most colours fade after a wipe or two and especially after meals. A few of the bright colours, such as “Who wore it red-er” and “Mad for Magenta” are a bit longer lasting, but the gloss will definitly fade. The first application is super glossy and semi-pigmented. It is more of a lip colour than a lipstick, but it also provides enough moisture as a lip balm would.

Last year, Revlon and L’Oreal both launched their renditions of a lip colour with the Lip Butter and Colour Riche Balm. The Color Whisper is not much different except it provides more gloss than a Lip Butter and less gloss than a Colour Riche Balm, more pigmentation than a Colour Riche Balm and the same as a Lip Butter and lastly has better colour choices than both lines in my opinion. Overall, the Color Whisper moisturizes more than both the Lip Butter and the Colour Riche Balm and could be a compatible alternative to lip balms. It’s perfect for those who want a lip balm, but also want some colour, then you can save on the cost of lip balms with this product.


ABOVE: Paper swatches with 7 strokes
BELOW: Lipcolour examples with top lip bare and bottom lip using respective colour above.Maybelline-swatches 

With the Maybelline Color Whispers, you can use any bold colour and still look subtle. If you had the budget for both, I would suggest jumping on this bandwagon now before its too late. I know some of the Sephoras, Targets and Walmarts I visited are running out of certain colours.

Hope you love these lip products as much as I did!


Gradient Lip Tutorial

DSC_0319 - Cover photo

Air kisses! Today we will learn how to do the gradient lip without using a lip stain.

Gradient lips are always an easy and in beauty technique that can be done by any with only a few products. The traditional gradient lip uses a lip stain, such as Benefit’s Benetint, however, these stains made the center of my lips dry and chapped. After staring at my lipstick collection for a good half an hour, I discovered a way to use lipsticks faster and not put them to waste. Check below for how I do my gradient lip, it’s probably done before, but I just found this utterly fascinating.

Step 1: Moisturize!

Before adding anything to your lips, remember to use a lip balm first to ensure you lips are feeling healthy and moisturized. Any lip balm works, I like using ones that moisturize but aren’t too sticky, such as my Lip Pure lip balm ($5) or NIVEA Soothing Care Stick SPF 20. I love any lip products with SFP because they don’t feel sticky but gives you that needed protection from harmful UV rays. Also, any lip balms with vitamin E, such as the Nivea one, can help protect from and possibly repair damage.

Here’s me before this lip treatment! (I know, scary purple contacts :S)

DSC_0304 - Step 1 - Nothing

The lip balm I used, Lip Pure lip balm. It smells like orange flavoured candy!DSC_0325 - Lip balm product step 1A close-up with lip balm on. Yeah, I know not much difference, that’s the point.DSC_0305 - Step 1 - Lipbalm close up

Step 2: Use a nude lipstick.

Apply a nude lipstick to the outer area of your lips. If you identically added nude lipstick to your whole lip, that’s fine too, just add more of the darker colour in the next step.

DSC_0330 - nude lipstick product step 2Close-up with my nude lipstick (MAC’s Viva Glam Lady Gaga) around the edges.DSC_0308 - Step 2 - Nude lip close up

A tip when doing a nude lip, blend the edges of your lip colour in to your skin, so that there is no definite line around your lips. Then people will think your lips are “au naturel”.

Step 3:

This is the last step! Just add a darker colour to give your lips some contrast. I would highly suggest a sheer berry colour (NARS Afghan Red $30 or CLINIQUE Black Honey $19) or a cherry red colour (NARS Luxemborg $30 or MAYBELLINE whisper in Who Wore It Red-ER $9). This way, it will go along with the “au naturel” theme and give you a “I just had a popsicle” look.

DSC_0328 - reds products step 3A close-up of the final look, pretty subtle eh?DSC_0311 - Step 3 - with fake tint close up

Tada! We are done! Wasn’t that fast?DSC_0321 - FinalThanks for following to the end! Hope you have a glorious day!