Hello my beauties, I’m your market maven, Eunice!

I am so happy you dropped by! Let’s challenge you and see if you can read until the last line 😛

I hope you’ll find my opinions prove helpful to you, if not give me a shout on what I can improve.

I study Marketing at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. I love school and growing my expertise, but I also like to give my friends tips about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I hope we can be friends through this blog, or at least you can get to know my style and hopefully learn a few tidbits here and there to prosper your style.  My hope is to encourage young woman to realize their true beauty and use these tips to give them the confidence they were seeking to feel beautiful. You can always feel free to send me a question on any beauty, fashion or lifestyle issue you would like me to discuss. Check out below for more about me! Thanks for dropping by, I really appreciate your support!

More About Me

I am a full time student with co-op (4 month work terms). Thank goodness for co-op I have the money to splurge on makeup products, clothes, bags, etc. My collections by no means is a representation of a typical student, I am fortunate enough to have loving parents who fund my tuition and government subsidies to pay for the rest. I would suggest that if you are living on a tight budget, first buy the necessities (food, rent, gas, internet), then buy the basics (a white tee, black pants, a leather jacket, bb cream, eyeliner), then you can splurge, but carefully monitor your spending habits to prevent overspending. Overspending is not a pretty sight, I rather see positive numbers than negatives.

I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My posts will mostly be based in Waterloo for these next few years, but we can enjoy the Toronto scenery on co-op terms. Always feel free to leave your comment and criticism, I want to make this blog the best it can be, with your help of course.

Want to know why I decided to make this blog?

I wanted to start a forum of sorts so that I could share my small know-how with my friends. My friends would sometimes ask me “Where did you buy that?”, “How do I unfriendzone somebody?”, “What should I buy for the new trend?”, and “What eyeshadow palette do you recommend?”. It got to the point where some of my friends and even people I just met, told me that I should start a blog so that I could share my “useless” knowledge with other young Fashionistas, monolided Asians, Coffee addicts and young girls stressing about her popularity score. If you do not fall under one of those groups, don’t fret, I will not leave you alone, I will post links to some stellar people who are pros in your fields of interests in the ‘My Favourite Links‘ in the menu above.

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What is my style?

That depends, I change styles depending on my current stage of life. When I was a little, my style was CUTESY with all-pink and frillyness. Because that was all my mom would buy for me. Then I went into the GOTHIC, all-black, rebellious phase in my young teens. Then NERDY-PREPPY was the go to style when school became my priority, but only because I felt pressured to be the smart kid all Asian parents wanted. Now I am in my EDGY phase and it will probably stay here for a good ten years. Right now, I’m loving spikes, leather, bright colours, but also lace, heels and sheer clothes. What’s your style? Come share your style, learn more about your style or find your style with me.



One thought on “About

  1. HAHAHAHHA CUTESY EUNICE?! i knew there was a reason why i called you cute those times 😉 bahahaha.

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