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For today’s OOTD I got to collab with two awesome friends of mine. Desiree, the lifestyle blogger behind Desire-plus-an-e and Jonathan, a super pro-photographer. If you like their work, don’t forget to check out their creative outlets.

This OOTD comes from a while back during the Thanksgiving weekend so the weather is much warmer than what we’re seeing now in Canada. Nonetheless, these are some of my favourite fall looks inspired by the street style fashion I observed in London.

20151012_DSC0413DesireeEunice copy

Most of my OOTD was actually purchased in London, but I saw that Topshop in Canada also has these key pieces in store. This fall season we’re seeing lots of 70’s inspired outfits, whether it be flared pants, rustic/burnt colours or suede. I’m not a huge fan of flared pants because I think they don’t fit with my body shape but you can incorporate flare in other ways such as the flared detail in the sleeves of this black & white patterned dress. This dress also feels very 70’s to me as well – I think it’s the way the pattern looks like trippy zig-zag lines. Since this dress has lots of holes, being my conservative self, I would wear something underneath and since I have to wear something underneath anyways I might as well add some colour. Thus I matched the dress with a burnt-red turtleneck and red skirt. This red-on-red monochromatic pairing can actually be its own OOTD but by masterfully layering the dress on top you can almost mix-and-match many outfits. If red isn’t your kind of colour you can always stick with black pieces underneath or cobalt blue. Whatever the colour the top and bottom should be the same colour otherwise you’ll look more like a fashion disaster!

If this outfit looks too cold for you, I would add some black tights, switch the booties for over-the-knee boots and of course an appropriate jacket and winter accessories.

From my observations the key to looking like a Londoner is:

  1. Anything Topshop!!! No literally Topshop does a great job in encompassing the London street style fashion. It’s like a mix of biker chic, grunge and sass while looking effortless (that’s probably why it’s my favourite store…)
  2. Chelsea booties – in a very posh manner
  3. Cool sunglasses – continuing with the chic & sassy theme (it also makes Londoners look mysterious I guess)

One more note, since I didn’t have a wide enough black belt instead I interlaced two braided skinny belts to give the illusion of a thicker belt. Without the belt I think the outfit would look a little flat from the funky 70’s pattern, so a black belt would do well in giving me what little shape I have.

20151012_DSC0411DesireeEunice-Edit 20151012_DSC0416DesireeEunice-Edit 20151012_DSC0421DesireeEunice 20151012_DSC0424DesireeEunice


Black & White Dress – Topshop ($60)

Red Turtleneck – Topshop ($48)

Red A-line Skirt – Zara

Skinny Belts – Forever 21

Black Chelsea Booties – Selfridges – Kurt Geiger London (similar here and here)

Mirrored Sunglasses – Express


As for Desiree’s look here’s her thoughts about her London look:

“I’ve never been to London myself, but I know that the people are out and about in what I would describe to be a stylish street style. Everyone would presentable and stylish. This is an outfit that I feel comfortable in. It’s not particularly dressy but at the same time it is stepping up from a completely casual vibe. The layered collar under the sweater dresses up the outfit and by adding the statement necklace it gives some dimension to the upper half. I wanted to add some colour to the otherwise monochrome outfit with these olive pants. The black Chelsea boots are one of my favourite pairs of booties that I have. It’s different because it’s not a particularly feminine style yet it adds some taste to the outfit. And why not include a wide brim hat with it to complement the structured feel of the boots?”

For Desiree’s look I think the essential London-themed pieces would be the felt hat, structured top handle bag and Chelsea booties. What I mean to say is that sometimes what makes the look can be the super chic accessories that you add to up the “street style game”.

20151012_DSC0474DesireeEunice-Edit 20151012_DSC0453DesireeEunice-Edit 20151012_DSC0480DesireeEunice 20151012_DSC0488DesireeEunice


Black Wide Brim Hat – H&M ($34.99 – also in Taupe)

White Collared Tank – Bluenotes

Statement Necklace – Laura Petites

Glasses Sweater – Banana Republic

Olive Pants – Old Navy

Black Chelsea Boots – Old Navy ($32.50)

From my limited travels I think what differs each culture’s fashion would be how they style the same key pieces together. The way Londoners bring out style is by far my favourite and I was truly inspired by all the fashionable people strutting their stuff down the cobblestones.


[Product Review] Inglot Lipstick #175 (Dark Wine Red)


Let’s take a break from fashion and OOTDs this week and talk beauty. Although I love dark lips for fall, I find it hard to pull of super dark colours against my pale skin tone. Mostly because if I have dark lips, people probably think I’m gothic or something like that (it’s definitely not something I want to be associated with at work). Also since I have strong eye makeup everyday, it could be seen as TOO MUCH going on if you have BOTH strong eyes and lips.

Be cautioned that when using dark lipstick I would strongly advise using a lip brush instead of just the lipstick itself, because it will be less likely for you to make an error and have to erase EVERYTHING.

After lots of searching, I think this Inglot colour is the darkest and most wearable wine red colour I could use. Don’t fret, the product may look almost black in colour but when applied it is much lighter.


The lipstick formula isn’t as creamy as I would have hoped, so it did require a few more applications so my lips wouldn’t look patchy like a Dalmatian. A lip brush would definitely help with filling in the gaps without over-applying. From my experience, the worst thing about over-applying lipstick is it feels like you have a layer of paint stuck on your lips instead of it feeling sheer and natural. (GROSS!)


Below are some closeups of what it looks like indoors, in the sunlight and outdoors in the shade.

Scroll to the bottom for my score of this lipstick.

20151025-DSC_0551 20141012-DSC_1097 20141012-DSC_1100 20141012-DSC_1022 20141012-DSC_1018

All in all this lipstick colour is an A for me but the texture is a B as it was kind of a let down with its sticky application and spottiness, but with a lip liner it could work and the stickiness subsides after time. Overall I’ll give it a B+ because I like this colour and would wear it out on the weekends or afterwork, but I don’t think I would repurchase it again because I wouldn’t really see myself using it too often. Only in the fall and only for night events, but if you’re looking for a dark wine colour this is the one for you and it’s not too much of an investment!

If you live in Toronto, there is a store close to the Eaton’s Centre.

P.S. If you’re wondering where the necklace is from, I got it at Express in the summer, so it probably is no longer available in store. A similar one can be found here and here.

20151025-DSC_0548 20151025-DSC_0538 20151025-DSC_0566