7 Days of Thanksgiving

Every October there is a day set aside for Thanksgiving, this month I will commence a challenge for myself whereby each day I will share some article of thanksgiving/inspiration on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Each social media outlet will have different items so make sure to check each one of them. This blog post will be updated everyday to post the highlight memory from one of the three outlets.

All posts will be hashtagged with #stickynoteinspiration.
Feel free to share your items of thanksgiving with this hashtag.

Since I started this challenge on the third day of the month, I am missing posts for the first two days, I hope you can help me with this challenge by sending me a picture/quote/article/story of what you are thankful for this month. Information to contact me can be found on the Contact page up above. I will pick my favourite two (or six if they are too super to pick) to feature on my blog at the end of the month.

Day 3:

WINNER: from Twitter: “Love yourself! Stop comparing yourself to others. Nobody is perfect!” AMEN! Now if only that could be done in REAL life.

Honourable Mention: from FacebookHong Kong’s new smog-free skyline

Day 4:

WINNER: from Facebook:

Sephora is having a daily contest online for where you can win 10% off, free shipping, deluxe samples, all you have to do is enter your email address. There is nothing to lose and will only take 1 min. Give it a try and see what you get.

DAY 5:

WINNER: from Instagram:

Day 5: Time is of the essence: IMG_20131005_174149http://instagram.com/p/fGeIVJShVH/

DAY 6:

WINNER: from Twitter: Day 6: Sometimes I just wish I could live in a fantasy #stickynoteinspiration #harrypotter #florida pic.twitter.com/26sY8aqM9T


DAY 7:

WINNER: from Facebook:

Day 7: New ESSIE winter collection in stores now: http://www.nailpolishcanada.com/categories/essie/collections/shearling-darling-collection-winter-2013.html?utm_source=Nail+Polish+Canada&utm_campaign=bba2881566-China_Glaze_Price_Drop5_27_2013&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c2b3672242-bba2881566-407727989

I think I like the dark blue, light blue and christmasy red colours. What’s your fave? ‪#‎stickynoteinspriation‬


UPDATED OCT 29: Well I failed this mission this time around, got super busy in school and could only complete 7 of the 31 days. Hopefully my next mission will be scheduled at a better time so I can show you everything I wanted to. There’s still more going on in Fall (which I currently call Winter from this frigid weather), so check all the other posts.



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