OOTD: Feeling Blue


I recently found a $15 blazer at Dynamite, since I love blazers and $15 is such a big steal… I got it D: It’s like a sailor inspired blazer with white and blue vertical stripes. I would say this blazer is not the most flattering on all body shapes as the small stripes can make one look a tad wider. Even though vertical stripes should make you look elongated and very slim, small stripes can make you look wider by the mass of stripes, while thicker stripes will definitely elongate you. Small stripes are an inch or smaller, anything larger than 1-inch stripes will be a plus if you want to look slimmer. Also, this blazer uses lighter-weight fabric than normal blazers, so you don’t have to worry about baking like a rotisserie chicken during the summer.

I just chose clothes to wear and they ended up being all blue. Maybe it’s a sign I was feeling blue that day… Well let’s begin with the OOTD.


Sailor Blazer: Dynamite $15 (originally $46.90)
Blue Lace top: Forever 21 (got it last year)
Blue Shorts: Bluenotes $15
White Sandal Wedges: ShoeDazzle $39.95 (see my ShoeDazzle post for details: https://stylestickynotes.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/haul-shoedazzle-aldo/)


Blue Fashionista Sunglasses: Aldo (2 for $20 deal)

DSC_1044 DSC_1050 DSC_1042 DSC_1062 DSC_1061 DSC_1063


What did you think? Are you going to get your sailor on and get yourself this blazer deal? Are you feeling blue?


Product Review: L’Oréal Paris Féria Hair Dye

Well from now on my pictures will be… BAM! RED!IMG_20130615_134008 IMG_20130615_135213

It may be my hair colour fascination these past few years, but when I feel bored of my look, I like to make a big change. These years, it’s been changing my hair colour. Last summer, I had a fascination for ombre hair (the newest hair trend of that season). I went against the trend and got myself a professionally treated red ombre at the salon. The red quickly faded to orange then to blonde and I recoloured my hair  back to a normal dark brown at another salon to look professional for interviews. This sounds like it’s going to be a lengthy hair story, I’ll leave the rest of the story for a future post dedicated to my many hair troubles/changes.


This was my red ombre hair from a year ago. Good times, good times.

To sum up, after that spout of midterms, which had made me MIA from the blog, I felt that a change was necessary. Back in May, I wanted to have dark purple hair this summer, but the people at the salon turned my hair into a caramel colour instead, far from what I was hoping. After watching SISTAR’s recent MV (they’re a Korean Pop girl group), the member’s hair colours inspired me to recolour my hair. However, since I am a poor university student, going to the salon again was not an option, instead I opted to buy hair dye and colour it myself. 

Today I will give you a run down of the product, show you pictures of the product itself and reveal the before and after hair colours.

The product: L’Oréal Paris Féria in r37

Colour: Deep Burgundy (R37) [A mix of red and purple, more on the red side]

Price: $11.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart (regular price is $16.95, I bought mine on sale!)

Products in the box: (1) Red Coloured Hair Dye (small red bottle), (2) Bleach and applicator bottle, (3) Feria conditioner for red hair, (4) Deep Burgundy hair colouring, (5) Hair Serum (similar to Biosilk), (6) Clear gloves, (7) Instructions sheet

Leave in Time: recommended 25 minutes. (I left it in for 40 min. Leaving the hair colour in longer before washing it out would not have any adverse affects, just don’t sleep on it and you MUST wash it out.)

Level of Messiness: High (If a brush was provided or on hand, it would be much easier to apply to the hair, the bottle given is pretty much useless except to pour out the hair dye.)

Issues: It was definitely a mess after applying the hair dye. Since the dye was red, my washroom looked more like a crime scene. Yikes! As I said, having a brush would lessen the hassle and mess. However, even after making a mess, you don’t need to worry, the dye can be easily cleaned with some colour water and towels.I would recommend not to throw your dyed towels in the wash with white clothes. Even if the dye has dried, it will become soluble in the washing machine and transfer to your whites, a lesson I have now well learned. My second issue with this hair dye as supposed to other hair colourings and dyes is that the colour in my hair continues to run during showers. Normally after the first time you wash out your hair colour, you are supposed to wash out all the colour and apply the conditioner given to lock in the colour. After that, the colour should not continue to leak after future washings. Today, I have washed my hair for the third time and the colour continues to run and leave dye on my towels, not a good sign. Hopefully that doesn’t mean my hair colour is quickly fading. After a few weeks I will let you know the progress of my hair colour on Instagram and Facebook, so don’t forget to follow me on those media outlets.

Let’s take a closer look at the box and it’s contents.

DSC_0943 DSC_0946 DSC_0973

Here’s my hair transformation


Boring old colour…If you can’t already tell, I like to make funny faces 😀


New colour! So excited!!!


Morning after my hair colouring. I don’t want to wake up, let me keep sleeping.


Out in the sun.. “IT’S TOO BRIGHT” says the vampire. Gasp!


Left side. I’m hiding in my room today.


Right side. I don’t see no red! Do you see it? I think I’m getting old.

Hope you like my new hair colour as much as I do. Let me know what you think of the colour, what colour you would love to dye your hair and your hair colouring disasters!


Reaching for Success: Midterm to Interview

DSC_0882 DSC_0855

Finally I’m back from two weeks of grueling midterms. Thanks goodness I’m alive, but very sleep deprived, so I bought a product to make my dark circles disappear. I will test that product for a week and tell you what I think of it in another post. For today, I will be showing you another lovely OOTD. This one was for a very hectic day last week, where I had to write a midterm and then run to a clubs interview for a VP position. In between the two, I went to pick up my nail polishes from the post office that I reviewed in my last post. Knowing me, I still have to dress like I just stepped out of a salon/shopping mall, but these outfits are still comfy enough to run to my interview and study for my midterm. Let’s start with the midterm outfit!

Midterm wear

Although people would normally wear sweats and t-shirts everyday during exams, especially on days with midterms and finals, I love going against the trend and still wear my everyday chic outfits. This day is a splendid example, let me show you how I didn’t wear sweats and still made it comfortable.


Red Cardigan: Dynamite $10


Glasses from Tommy Hilfiger 2 years ago (They’re real! Not just frames)


Black Leather Jacket: Dynamite $40 (P.S. You can still find this on the sale rack in select Dynamite stores.)


Grey Cotton Booties: Aldo (From last year, but they have hidden wedges too. Aldo has similar ones in store)


Graphic Light-washed Jean Shorts: H&M $14.99 (Available in stores. I love the length of these shorts, they’re not too long and not too short)
Gold Belt: H&M


Black Sleeveless Blouse: Forever 21 $16.99
Black 40 den Tights: H&M ($12.99 for 2)

This outfit was perfect for the hot 25 degree weather, so I added the red cardigan as it is very sheer, lightweight and breathable and adds a pop of colour. A tights and shorts combo is good for chilling morning weather and breathable for humid midday weather, did I mention that it’s also very comfortable? If the rooms where you write your exams are very chilly like mine, just throw in a leather jacket or anorak jacket into your bag, so that you can pull it out like Mary Poppins before your exam. Glasses are also good for when your contacts/eyes feel dry during exam week(s). You can also wear this outfit during fall weather (e.g. 10 degrees), just throw on some tall boots and a heavier jacket. You can also substitute tights with thick leggings.

Wow, I look extremely tired here, must be the daily 4 hour sleeps and the daily 3 cups of coffee. Need to go on a coffee fast and some hibernation…Moving on to the interview outfit!

Interview wear

Caution: I wore this outfit for a clubs interview and not a normal office job interview, so it is a tad more casual than my normal interview wear, but we can easily change up the shows, blouse and skirt for a formal outfit. Let’s start!



Black & White Stripped Skirt: H&M $24.99


Classic Black Blazer: H&M $29.99 (This one is pretty old, but any classic, black, form-fitting blazer will do. Hehe, it has bows on the inside)
Blue Sheer Blouse: Dynamite $29.90 (It’s on sale for $18 in-stores: http://dynamite.ca/ProductsDetail.aspx?pId=22407&pfId=269)


Black & White Bag: SmartSet $40 (This is my new go-to professional, working-woman bag)



Black Suede Booties: Aldo $52 (I reviewed this online shopping order here: https://stylestickynotes.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/haul-shoedazzle-aldo/)

If you wanted to turn this interview outfit into a office job interview outfit, I would replace the shoes with the shiny heels with a plain black/nude pumps. The rest of the outfit is fine if you are interviewing for a pr/journalist/designer/marketing/sales role, but for a computer programmer or engineering role, this is a little too extravagant, you can ditch the blazer and opt for a more flowy/printed skirt. For more traditional positions, like a finance/ accounting role, leave the slouchy and sheer blouses at home and wear a structure blouse instead. Slouchy may make the interviewer think you are lazy, a definite no-no (it only works for more creative positions because it’s a chance to show your unique style, but obviously not too slouchy/showy). A classic black blazer is a must have, so if you don’t have one that is form fitting and your favourite piece, you should find one ASAP.

Well that was my outfit change from midterm to interview, it wasn’t as exciting, if I just used the same pieces and added a few to transition the look. I’ll try that next time!


[Review] Nail Polish Canada

Hey Y’All! Long time no post!

I know I promised a tutorial post today, but there are some technical difficulties posting it. To compensate, I will give you a review of package I just picked up in the mail from Nail Polish Canada.

Then I will post an OOTD from exam to interview, what an awesome day that is eh? I just finished two midterms this weekend, explaining my two week MIA. After these two posts, I may be MIA for another week to finish off my midterms. Sorry for the long wait and I hope you will continue to support me!

With the recent outbursts of new nail polish collections from OPI, ESSIE and ZOYA, I thought I should try some of these new collectibles and add more colours to my growing “salon”! I recently discovered a Canadian nail polish site and thought it would be great to try out these new collections. From my last haul post from ShoeDazzle, you know that I am pretty concerned about extra hidden shipping fees and taxes, so buying from Canadian sites is optimal. What’s great is this company ships from Downtown Toronto, so if you live within a 250km radius of Toronto, you should be able to get your package within a day or two!

Although it’s website isn’t the prettiest and most practical layout, it’s prices are pretty low and has a huge collection of all the possible nail polish brands (from OPI, Essie, Deborah Lippmann, Butter London, China Glaze, ZOYA, Orly, you name it). I wouldn’t say they have the lowest prices, but they are reasonable and better than you will find at Shoppers Drug Mart, a dollar cheaper than WalMart/Target and definitely has more colours and stock than the aforementioned stores.

My only issue is that some of their most popular polishes are out of stock and you will have to wait (indeterminately) for them to re-stock. Thus, I couldn’t buy any of the Deborah Lippmann polishes I was falling head over heels for, like this Across the Universe polish.

For each polish, the site also gives you a run-down on the collection, size, product details, product reviews, and my favourite – pictures for you to click on so you can see how the polish really looks like on the nails.

Overall, I would give this a 8/10, they can improve with a better website, more stock of popular polishes and better packaging. I would definitely repurchase if they continue to have lower prices and more stock than my local stores.

Let’s move on to the polishes I bought.

First, the package came in a small plain cardboard box, with some white foam nibblets in the box. I would have taken a picture, but it wasn’t pretty enough and I was at the post office, too awkward. The polishes were wrapped in pairs in the ever fun bubble wrap. The bubble wrap packages were stapled, so be careful not to make those staples a projectile while you break open the packages. The polishes were not damaged, so I assume the packaging was safe enough. You can be the judge for this:

DSC_0903 DSC_0904

I bought one colour from the following collections: Zoya Pixie Dust, OPI Skyfall, OPI Liquid Sand, Essie Summer 2013. They ended up being an array of the rainbow and all have sparkles, but they are perfect for this season’s bright colours! The gold one is by far my favourite as it comes off as true gold colour and it makes you nails look like they are foiled with liquid gold, simply stunning!

DSC_0924 DSC_0906 DSC_0907

Prices for each of the nail polishes are as follows:


GOLDEN EYE BY OPI $8.95 (liquid gold)



The liquid sand by OPI goes on really smoothly and I only needed one coat. It’s one of those polishes that you can just leave it plain and it still looks as stellar as any design. The Zoya and Essie polishes I have yet to try, but the Essie looked very smooth and thick enough for one coat only. Here’s how I did my nails with the Golden Eye and Tiffany Case polishes and a touch of “Where’s my Chauffeur”. I think I need to learn how to colour WITHIN the lines…

DSC_0921 DSC_0908

All in all I love my purchases and would repurchase with Nail Polish Canada.

A quick tip when buying nail polishes, obviously you don’t want anyone to have used your polish before, but to check, try to open the bottle in the store. If it’s very hard for you to open or after you open it, you see a bit of dried polish on the rim of the opening, then you should put that bottle down and try another one.

Also, if you don’t know what the latest nail colours and collections are the site has a page dedicated for this: http://www.nailpolishcanada.com/new-and-upcoming-collections/

Let me know what your experience with Nail Polish Canada is, what colours you would get from these collections and what you thought of my purchase. As for me, I already have my eye on the Butter London Summer Holiday Collection!